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One of the key considerations for me when it comes to an event such as the Transcontinental race is how I can make it interesting for those who are unable to be there in person – and hopefully help them make up their mind to be there the next year…. For RAAM it was about creating the stop-motion film of Hoppo, whilst taking stills to document the journey as we travelled. Travelling across northern Europe I was just cycling too much to even think about photos, something that has played on my mind for the Transcontinental.

So, to the Transcontinental, where logistics and battery power become part of the challenge as we cycle across the length of Europe.

I visited London town last week to meet with some of the fine folk at Sony Mobile, yes THE Sony. I left the meeting with their flagship Z2 phone, complete with its 20MP camera. As a waterproof and shock resistant phone it should be an ideal companion for a 2,000 mile bike ride, I can simply leave it in a jersey pocket without an extra protective bag around it – so allowing me to take photos with far less hassle than previously, and hopefully leading to more images to share!

So with luck, and good timing, I’ll be providing an idea of what it looks like to cycle the continent, whilst also racing my socks off!

Massive thanks to Sony Mobile!

A few pics below to show the what the camera was up to this first weekend.

DSC_0026 DSC_0003 DSC_0005

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