Video: Chris Boardman asks ‘who are cycle lanes for?’


Chris Boardman has produced this short, near silent video with British Cycling to highlight some of the difficulties cyclists face on their travels on Britains roads.


“We need to start asking ourselves questions – big ones like ‘what do we want the places in which we live to look like?’ and smaller ones like: ‘who are cycle lanes for?’,” added Boardman.

“When we consider questions like these, I think the answers will lead us in one direction: we need more and better provision for people who want to travel by bike.

“When we have that, our towns and cities will be better places in which to live. It needs investment but the costs, of poor health caused by inactivity which are currently £4billion annually, mean the potential savings are huge.”

Policy and Legal Affairs Director at British Cycling, Martin Gibbs,  explained: “We’re truly world class in sporting terms and more and more people are riding bikes but to make a step change in every-day cycling one of the decisions we need to make is that cycling will be built into our transport infrastructure and policies.”

A short journey from British Cycling on Vimeo.


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