Chasing the Ghost – Team Allied Forces in RAAM 2013

There’s a simple truth about cycling, the more you see of it, the more you want to go and do it!

So with that in mind I give you the outstanding film ‘Chasing the Ghost’.

The story of 2 of the best 8 man teams to have ever raced RAAM, strategic lions and 4mil, in 2013 they joined forces to attempt to beat the previous record.

I was lucky enough to be part of RAAM that year, and if we were not looking after our rider then we were wondering what was happening with Allied Forces – and sure enough we watched them tear up the road as they relentlessly rode an outstanding race across the continent.

This is their film. Watch it, soak it in, and think about finding a bunch of mates to enter the race yourselves!

[vimeo 81091915 w=640&h=480]

Well done chaps!

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