Cervelo P5X – Personal Best.

Bikes, bikes, bikes. Two-a-penny these days. Two wheels, a couple of triangles and some cables to make it work. That was before Cervelo released their new Triathlon-specific P5X. cervelo-p5x-side-630x420

In development for 3 years, it’s the result of extensive wind-tunnel testing, huge amounts of computer time, and the end-result of a design process that looks to throw away the traditional rules.

Cervelo spent a year in the field looking at triathletes in competition, creating a database over a terabyte in size of photos, angles and such like. It’s clear that the P5X wasn’t made on a whim!Timeline_slides_finalcervelo-2

Designed around actual athletes the P5X looks to deliver advantages in every area, from aero to usability, to storage and travel.

 “Whether training or racing, everything you need to support yourself, including nutrition, flat kit and cold weather gear, can be securely stowed in the exclusive Smartpak, Stealthbox and Speedcase components,” said P5X Lead Designer David Killing. “With the added convenience of three round bottles placed exactly where you want them, performance will never be compromised.”


I can’t help but wonder if they meant it could be used for the Transcontinental?

With a price tag of $15,000 for the SRAM Red Etap version (and only $11,00 Ultregra Di2), it’s clear that this is not for the ‘everyman’ triathlete, but if you can stump up the cash Cervelo are promising some big things!cervelo-6

Can you say Disc-brakes???cervelo-3

Disc brakes are the best braking system available today. Not only does the disc-braking system contribute to the bike’s unsurpassed aerodynamics, but it also offers exceptional performance in terms of modulation and stopping distance. This is also the end of carbon wheels being worn off.

Coming in 4 sizes, with stack and reach available in increments of 2mm, the P5X could be the just what the doctor ordered for those intent on winning at Kona – or just looking good around Richmond Park…..


P5X-GeometryChart P5X_Features_Updated P5X_Windtunnel_Results_White


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