BAM! A bike travel little poem

Surely one of the greatest things about cycling is its ability to move the scenery around you, whether that is commuting or travelling, the world goes by at a pace thats slow enough to enjoy, yet quick enough to travel and explore.

Yes you can see more by car, but you run the very real risk of driving off the edge of a cliff if you stare too long.

And this is where BAM! comes in – the Bicycle Adventure Meeting, part of Adventure Awards Days, the international Festival of exploration and adventure. BAM! is an occasion to meet and share a passion, but also a stage from which to tell stories and share experiences, a time to learn something new or meet a new travel companion.

It didn’t appear on my radar in 2015 as I was too engrossed with Transcontinental, but for sure I’ll be paying attention for 2016!

Check out the video for 3 minutes and 24 seconds of reasons why you should keep an eye open or them!

You can check them out on twitter @AdventureADays

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