Awesome cycling Kickstarter project

One of the key learning experiences last year during my Transcontinental race was that stopping to take photographs involves stopping, and stopping, as obvious as it sounds, means not moving forward. Too much not moving forward and you end up losing significant chunks of time, to the extent that you miss cutoffs and eventually can’t reach the end-point (or you are perfectly placed to assist someone who is in need!).

One of the very first things I realised from that experience was that it would be awesome to share the TCR adventure with someone to help document it, by having a photographer along for the journey I would be able to keep on turning the peddles and still share the trip with family and friends back at home.

Enter Camile McMillan, ex of Rouleur, Rapha, and a whole host of publications, brands and companies, and now settling into his home in the mountains of France.

Camille is coming along with me this summer for the TCR, bringing his trusty moto and camera kit for the adventure of the year – even as I type that I get excited, Camille is quite simply a fantastic photographer and his passion for cycling and appetite for adventure lends itself perfectly to such a jaunt!

He’s currently on Kickstarter right now, looking to raise funds for a  240 page book of cycling reportage, featuring classic pictures from his long and eminently successful career around the professional peloton.

Absolutely check it out, £25 gets you a copy – which is great value already – so it’s totally worth backing!


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