Review: Reef Rover Mid shoes

As a parent my priorities are Christopher, Oliver and Harry, my three wonderful charming boys.  Living in the UK we are lucky to have the NHS to take care of our health needs, and it was because of the NHS that Oliver’s eyesight was found to be bad, very bad! A couple of trips to the hospital and opticians and he was soon bespectacled. As he walked into the opticians to pick up his glasses for the first time he asked his mummy “will the clouds go away now?”, such was the rubbishness of his vision. Harry was the next up to get his glasses sorted, both boys have +5 & +6 on their prescriptions!

Now that got me thinking as a parent about how lucky we are to live in the UK where such issues can be dealt with so quickly. Conversely of course, there are parents who don’t have the luck of being born here and whose children can really be affected by vision issues for their whole life.

With that in mind I spent some time debating about raising awareness and hopefully some cash for a really worthwhile charity that meant something to me. After speaking with The Wife, we decided that Sightsavers was the right charity.

Sightsavers help kids in 3rd world countries with their vision, helping to prevent and fix issues that may cause blindness. Without sight, so many kids would be unable to be educated or even be able to read, ensuring that they have next to no chance of moving themselves or their family out of poverty – effectively being condemned to a life of misery.

By clicking the link below, and donating just a few pounds, or more, you will be helping to give the gift of sight, and life!

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