Adidas SS15 clothing launch

I recently knacked myself good and proper, breaking a collarbone and rib in a glorious high-speed tumble (all of my own making, no pesky cars involved).  As part of the healing process I can’t ride my bike for about 6 weeks – certainly not on the road, but turbo time is happening soon.

However, it’s now March, and March means spring is coming, and if spring is nearly sprung then it’s almost summer, and well, if that’s the case then it must be time for new kit to be arriving in the shops! (tenuous I know, but hey, I am knacked!).

One of the early openers to the summer kit wars of 2015 (I’m having that one) is Adidas, relaunching their adistar SS 2015 range. They are showing off a nicely styled range of products with an emphasis  on their heritage within the sport – so you’ve got the classic 3 stripes, with a lot of tech’ involved.

As is the current trend, aero is their focus with….

I’m going to be honest, that does sound a little too gushy for my liking, but hey it looks good in the pictures, and marginal gains an’ all that!

I used some adidas kit last year, and to frankly I wasn’t overly impressed with it – it was ok, but certainly nothing to shout home about – it looks like I wasn’t the only one to think that way, so for ’15 they have re-engineered their range. So enjoy the pictures, and hopefully I’ll get some miles in when I’ve finished growing some bones!

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