Review: Reef Rover Mid shoes

TheMartinCox is a UK based blog for those who like cycling, having adventures and generally pushing their own limits.

Martin loves cycling, running, and having adventures of all flavours and sizes, and he adores being a husband and father – he really doesn’t like selfies!

He is an MBA graduate, in his day to day life he is a business consultant and interim manager, specialising in marketing and branding (LinkedIn). He also lectures at Nottingham Business School on marketing and communications.

The site was launched in 2012, on the back of a 10-day, 1800 mile, bike ride across the UK, with the aim of helping others to stretch their own boundaries.

It features adventures, stories, kit reviews, videos and the occasional rant!

And Martin doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Martin’s content has been written, filmed, and photographed throughout the world, featuring on BBC1, BBC Radio 2, The Independent, Yahoo, and countless local radio and news stations.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for your brand then you can get in contact with Martin here.

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