A challenging year!

Every year it’s good to have some challenges to aim for. Previous years’ have included doing a masters degree in business, cycling across europe, and even forgoing McDonald’s for the year._DSC4347_MARTIN_VEN_

Challenges of all types add focus, give something to strive for, and in the case of fitness related events, they help provide motivation for training.

I find a mix of physical and mental challenges make for the best combination, and like the impetus for my McD’s fast (bargaining for a 4pm burger on NYE) sometimes the idea comes quick and fast and it’s best not to dwell on it for too long….

What does 2016 have in store?

I started the year by giving up chocolate and crisps – parts of my diet which I really enjoy, but don’t really add much goodness. I gave up chocolate in 2014 and it’s not as bad as it sounds. As I write this on the 12th of Feb’, I’m already past the cravings and it’s been removed from my life. No biggie 🙂

I’m trying to drop the word ‘so’ from the start of any sentences, both in speech and text. It’s surprisingly common, and also surprisingly unneeded in speech. It’s taking a little practise, but i think it’s coming along well!

What about the physical?


This one is trickier, but I think I’ve come up with a few events and activities to work towards for the year:

2nd April. Epic Echappée are putting on a 176km gravel/adventure ride out of london. I’m so there!

28th April – I’m doing an event with Huez* that involves Santander bikes and Alp d’huez.

June – I’m entering the Transatlantic Way Bike Race. A 2500km bike-packing race around Atlantic coast of Ireland.Caithness-Front-1

July/August I’ll be heading out to Holland and Belgium with my oldest son, doing 200ish km in a couple of days as part of the family holiday.

As and when I can find time and cash for it, I’d like to ride the Transfagarasan in Romania, and summit Pico de Veleta in Spain’s Sierra Nevada. And when I’ve got a couple of days spare there’s definitely the North Coast 500 up in Scotland to look forward to!


All in all there’s a good mix of quick events and longer distance rides, something to keep the fires burning.

But as of February 15th I’ve got a new challenge, one which I believe may be far harder than any others this year.


As of that date I’m removing myself, changing all my passwords, and deleting the apps, from social media! No Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for 40 days!

I’m not sure why I came up with this idea, but it seemed like an interesting challenge whilst having a bath last night. The idea of switching off, spending more time with family, being buried in books, or simply out on the bike all seem so very appealing.

I’ll still write on here, but there’ll be no social action at all, I’m looking forward to seeing how I cope without it to be honest. It’s going to be very strange I think, and very challenging!

This means no filters, no photos, no witty comments. Nothing. Just time in real life instead.


Wish me luck!

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