4 Seasons aren’t just for Vivaldi!

One of the supreme advantages from commuting, other than increased fitness and wealth and reductions in stress, must surely be an appreciation of the weather and the changing of the seasons!

As a weekend cyclist there is always that choice to postpone or, dare I say it, cancel a ride if the weather isn’t looking favourable, but when the ride to work/uni has got to me made via bike then the weather matters not one jot.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve worn summer shorts, winter shorts, lightweight tights and water-resistant tights – all down to the changing of the seasons.

In a car we are effectively insulated and isolated from the outside world, but out on leather perches we are very much involved!

What fun it is to be able to get out and enjoy the weather (no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing etc)

Every morning I find myself grinning like a loon as I overtake gridlocked cars in the rain, spray in my face and water streaming from my helmet and jacket! I’m pretty sure the drivers all wish they were out on their bikes as well 😉

Not for the commuting cyclist the comforts of air-con and heated seats, our heat comes from the physiological reactions in our legs and heart!

I’m looking forward to winter starting in earnest, the frigid air on the face and the increase in metabolic rate that really kick-starts the day (ah the sweet sweet feeling of those delicious endorphins!)!

Oh, and it’s always a good excuse for buying more cycling gear as well 😉

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